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Frequently Ask Questions

Our most frequently asked questions from Kiwis interested in off-the-plan properties and researching local developers.

Where should I start?
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Townhouses.nz has been designed to help prospective buyers find, research and engage directly with townhouse developments across New Zealand's main cities, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. You can start by browsing the available townhouse projects near you on our map page.

Can I trust these developers?
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Kiwi Property developers listed on Townhouses.nz are privately owned companies. We encourage all prospective buyers to conduct their own research before engaging with a developer. Our goal is that our platform will be a powerful asset in your research and purchasing journey.

What does "off-the-plan" mean?
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Purchasing a townhouse “off the plans” means purchasing a property that is still in the planning and construction stages, usually before the property is even built. This allows the purchaser to buy the property at a lower price, as the property is yet to be completed. The purchaser will typically receive a contract that outlines the completion date and any other terms and conditions associated with the purchase.

How much deposit do I need?
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The average deposit amount for purchasing a townhouse in New Zealand is typically around 10-20% of the purchase price. However, the exact amount will depend on the lender and the individual's financial situation. You may be able to access a 5% deposit with certain lenders.